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Law Day

Student Legal Intern Program

People’s Law School

High School Speakers Program
"Rights & Responsibilities of New Adults"


Annual Student Legal Intern Program (SLIP)


Educational Series

sponsored by

the Clearwater Bar Assn

and St. Petersburg College

Annually, in April

Program date + alternate date!

June & July

Thursdays, 7-9pm

January – April

Area judges and attorneys visit high school classes to discuss the topic.  Sponsored by the judges of the Sixth Circuit, the Clearwater Bar Association, and the

St. Petersburg Bar Association.

Welcoming high school interns during the summer.

Sponsored by the Clearwater Bar Association


Program Information & Application Deadline

Taught by lawyers and judges, and offered free to the community. 

Classes are Thursday nights 7-9pm, excluding holidays and SPC Spring Holiday, for approximately 16 weeks.

For information regarding:

·  The Great Debate (high school level)

·  Gold E. Locks v The Three Bears

·  3rd & 4th Grade Poster Contests

Please visit http://clwbar.org/LawDay.html

Please contact the

Clearwater Bar Association

for further information.



44 speakers visited

98 classes requested by

33 teachers and spoke with

2,500+ students!




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